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2015 Annual Tourist Statistical Report


A. Inbound Booking Summary ReportInbound


Inbound booking summary report.These data has been included since May 2015 after the City Ordinance Number 22, Series of 2014 IRR was introduced to travel agents, one of the components of the Tourism-Related Establishments (TREs). Just in 2015, travel agents in GenSan recorded a total of 332,125 travel bookings in three quarters discounting the first quarter since it was agreed that report submission will commence by second quarter of the year. Second and third quarter obtain a noticeably high quantity of inbound bookings despite low quantity bookings of first and fourth quarters.

Inbound chart

B. Airline Passenger Arrivals Summary Report

passenger arrival

There were only 7 consistent passenger aircrafts disembarked to the city’s international airport throughout the year 2014-2015 because aircrafts with flight numbers PALPR2796, PAEXZP982, and PALEXZP796 were merged to PALGAP2892. During the year 2015, passenger arrivals increased to
more than 15,445 or 4.41% compared to that of 2014’s. There were a total of 39,364 passengers arrived and passed by going throughout SOCSKSARGEN region during the month of May as per record which is the highest during the year. However, month of April cannot be discounted that it gained only 63 passengers or 0.18% difference from that of 2015 and 2014. During December, this season incurred more than 80 passengers or
0.24% difference compared to previous year (Table 2).

Passenger Arrival chart

C. Annual Tourist Arrivals Summary Report

Tourist Arrivals

2015 Passenger arrivals taken from accommodation occupancy reports manifested an increase in figures considering all variables. Total guest nights rose to more than 87,552 or 15.56% despite the decrease in occupancy rate. Both domestic and foreign guests increased by 83,008 or 21.53% in 2015. Respectively, domestic guest rose to 80,885 or 21.54%, while foreign guest escalated to 2,153 or 21.10%. Months of April and May contended to having the most number of guests. Over these years, GenSan accumulated more guests than the previous year. The number of registered accommodation establishment increased by 1 or 1.68% on average per month; the number of establishment-respondents rose to 189 or 20.02%; and the number of rooms in physical count summed to 5,826 or 23.42% (Table 3).

D. Foreign Tourist Arrivals Summary Report

Foreign Visitor

During 2015, U.S. Americans dominated GenSan’s foreign visitor market for 2 consecutive years as this year’s record showed an increase by 797 or 31.46%; followed by South Koreans represented by 456 or 26.70% increase. More than 385 or 58.96% of Chinese came to GenSan which placed third, though ranked on the fifth notch last year. Both Chinese and Australians swapped from their respective ranking status due to the former’s increased frequency of visits (Table 4).

Foreign Visitor chart

E. Meetings, Incentive travels, Conventions/Conferences, Exhibits/Events (MICE) Summary Report


Meetings, Incentive travels, Conventions/Conferences, Exhibits/Events (M.I.C.E.) in GenSan occupied the destination’s facilities and services. 2015 record showed that it exceeded more than 981 events or 30.29%. Though there were smaller numbers of participating foreign visitors, attendance of domestic guests rose to 87,433 or 29.01%. 2015 second semester M.I.C.E. fell short than that of 2014: months of July incurred an insufficiency of 8,802; August insufficiency incurred 2,392; October incurred 11,899 which are the most; November incurred 11,542; and December incurred 9,574 (Table 5).

MICE chart

F. Day Tourists Summary Report

                F.1 Tour Operator’s Day Tourist Report 

Tour Operators

Tour operation business and services is quite seasonal in nature. Tour operators usually do sell tour packages while selling airline tickets and sometimes closing a deal of selling airline tickets plus regional tour packages. In 2015, this sector illustrated abrupt peak deals during the months of May-summer time, and September-tuna festival. This year, operators served 51 or 43% more tourists than of last year (Table 6).

Tour Operators chart

F.2 Gensan Destination’s Day Tourist Report


Day Tourists come to experience the uniqueness of Gensan as a destination. During December, the most celebrated time of the year, all roads led to Gensan mainly for Christmas shopping and experiencing Gensan’s yuletide ambiance. The rest of the months also depicted tourists’ presence around the city as highly manifested by the summer vacation months of April and May. Throughout the year 2015, there were 265,984 or 56.05% day tourists’ increase in arrival as they experienced the city’s tourism destinations through nature, adventure and culture (Table 7).

In closing, total Day Tourist Arrivals in Gensan are as follows:

day tourist summary report

G. Summary

Precisely, GenSan’s total annual tourists arrivals comprises the tourist arrivals from the accommodation establishments’ 468,604; plus, 2,028 those who availed the city tour packages; and 739,872 daytime city tourists. Hence, gained a total annual tourist arrivals count equal to 1,210,504.

From the 1,210,504 tourist arrivals for 2015, multiplied by P2,500 average expenditure of tourists in Gensan daily, generated an annual income of one billion five hundred ninety million five hundred ninety-eight thousand four hundred pesos (PhP 1,590,598,400.00). This amount is derived from the tourism industry services, amenities and promotions for the year 2015.

To elaborate, inbound bookings have accumulated revenue of PhP 33,212,500.00; accommodation occupancy garnered a total of PhP 1,171,510,000.00; MICE organizers and suppliers earned revenues up to PhP 163,407,300.00; tour services and operations reached an income to 507,000.00; daytime tourist spent to destinations accrued to 221,961,600.00. If distributed throughout the year, the tourism industry earned PhP 132,549,866.67 million per month.

With the foregoing figures, data presented and supporting numbers accumulated, GenSan’s tourism industry remains and continues to be vibrant as ever. Contribution to local economy is well and clearly defined.

Prepared by:
Statistics, Policy and Research Section
Tourism, Cultural Promotion and Development Division (TCPD)
City Economic Management and Cooperative Development Office (CEMCDO)